holy bible

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Holy Bible

holy bible.
before and after. restoration by youngbookbinder.


bayreuther festspiele

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paper folder for Bayreuther Festiele 1933

‘bayreuther festspiele, 1933’.
protection folder by youngbookbinder.


egypt & nubia

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Egypt & Bubia

‘roberts – egypt & nubia, 1846’.
before and after. restoration by youngbookbinder.

government school of design, somerset house

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Government School of Design Somerset House

‘government school of design, somerset house – from 1837 to 1845’.
before and after. restoration by youngbookbinber.


the book of sark

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bookb of sark by youngbookbinder
a box for the book of sark in full allum tawed skin.
made by youngbookbinder.

useful link: medieval manuscript reproduction

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part 1: pricking

part 2: ruling

part 3a: writing

part 3b: writing

part 3c: erasing a mistake

part 4: polishing gold leaf

part 5a: painting an illuminated letter

part 5b: painting an illuminated letter

brief procedure of slipcase making

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slipcase making by young bookbinder

* pieces you will need

  • base x 2
  • top(bottom) wall x 2
  • spine wall x 1


* measurements

  • width of base = book width + 1 x board thickness
  • length of base = book height + 2 x board thickness + 1 mm
  • width of top(bottom) wall = book thickness + 1 mm
  • length of top(bottom) wall = book width
  • width of spine wall = book thickness + 1 mm
  • length of spine wall = book height + 1 mm


  1. Prepare pieces.
  2. Glue pieces together.
  3. Line outside of the case with paper (over 120gsm) to protect joints and to smoothen planes. Do not wrap paper around. Do one plane at a time.
  4. Tailor covering material as shown on the picture.
  5. (1) Glue the spine first onto the back of covering material. Secondly, (2) cover the top & bottom sides, then, (3) front & back sides.


gazette du bon ton

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full leather binding in scarlet red goat skin.
title embossed with a zinc plate.
bound by youngbookbinder.

useful link: disaster recovery

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‘Salvaging Books’

Every cultural institution, most offices, and many private homes house collections of books. Many of these collections will experience a water catastrophe, large or small, at some time. Small emergencies—a leaking pipe or roof, or a flooded basement—are the most prevalent and easily contained.Whether the emergency is large or small, however, a quick response is essential to fully salvage wet volumes.

This technical bulletin reviews the range of effective options for drying wet books. For a successful recovery, it may be important to seek the advice of a book conservator or a specialist in library preservation, especially when rare books or large collections are damaged.

silk road

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silk road by younbookbinder
frances wood, ‘silk road’.
full leather binding.
printed on washed vintage parchment, paper & reversed goat skin by binder.
bound by youngbookbinder.