useful link: medieval manuscript reproduction

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part 1: pricking

part 2: ruling

part 3a: writing

part 3b: writing

part 3c: erasing a mistake

part 4: polishing gold leaf

part 5a: painting an illuminated letter

part 5b: painting an illuminated letter

useful link: disaster recovery

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‘Salvaging Books’

Every cultural institution, most offices, and many private homes house collections of books. Many of these collections will experience a water catastrophe, large or small, at some time. Small emergencies—a leaking pipe or roof, or a flooded basement—are the most prevalent and easily contained.Whether the emergency is large or small, however, a quick response is essential to fully salvage wet volumes.

This technical bulletin reviews the range of effective options for drying wet books. For a successful recovery, it may be important to seek the advice of a book conservator or a specialist in library preservation, especially when rare books or large collections are damaged.

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