endpaper painting 2

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‘wuthering heights’
painting on endpapers and doublures.

robinson crusoe

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04_robinsoncrusoe07-s‘robinson crusoe’.
full leather binding.
red goat skin. endpapers & doublures painted by binder.
bound by youngbookbinder.

‘written jewels’- exhibition in seoul

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My solo exhibition ‘Written Jewels’ at 재동 갤러리, Gallery Jaedong in Bukchon, Seoul.
29/11/2016 ~ 14/12/2016.


Watch the video clip below to see the books on display at the show.

silk road

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silk road by younbookbinder
frances wood, ‘silk road’.
full leather binding.
printed on washed vintage parchment, paper & reversed goat skin by binder.
bound by youngbookbinder.

the portal, pousette-dart

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the portal by youngbookbinder
stephen polcari & david finn, ‘the portal, pousette-dart’.
leather dust & canvas in leather binding technique.
bound by youngbookbinder.

mental polaroid

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full leather binding.
grey goat skin and calf vellum on book.
bound by youngbookbinder.

cuisine of the chosun dynasty

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full leather binding 03 by youngbookbinder
full leather binding.
goold tooling & handmade paper on scarlet goat skin.
bound by youngbookbinder.

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